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When, in 81 years, after ten years of working in the proud field of computer training, we thought about training for the first time in the province in the province of subsidized networking of offices and organs, with a great welcome that we held in a seminar of the same name. We met, and with the encouragement of the then Governor of Information Technology for designing, consulting, selling and installing in this sector, we laid the foundation of the Azerbaijan Pardazan Network Company and from its inception, our mission was to be honest, truthful and technical. . We have become more experienced, more mature, more professional and well known since 17 years. Now we know better than ever what customer needs are. We know how respectful of customer demand can be to the growth of the company. So we will always be with you at all times.


Network setup
Network Processor Network Setup is a service that incorporates all of the networking principles involved in setting up a customer network, setting up Network Processor networking including feasibility and design to execute and monitor the execution of all different network segments as well as optimizing execution projects. Includes expert knowledge of network engineers Network setup
Network support
The support and maintenance of networked computers and servers and network infrastructures, which have been confronted with the growing technology and the need to use technologies, have become an integral part of the organization, and in doing so, the support is fully implemented. Designed desperately in need of any organization, Networking Company, due to its background in the field Network support
Network virtualization
Server and network virtualization is the technology that instead of increasing the physical servers on the network, we increase the network virtual machines, with one physical server we can create multiple virtual servers and use all server resources, increasing the physical cost of the network servers. Hardware support and maintenance has increased but with network virtualization the costs remain constant, network Virtualization
Network services
Networking services are provided by a networking team comprised of experts in various areas of networking and security, software and hardware, all networking issues such as Microsoft startup services, microtech startups, server backups, Cisco services , Firewall Services and VOIP Phone Launch Services. The single network processor service is always fully available online … Network services